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Horny Virgin Faggot

Dirty sub slave needs a firm and aggressive verbal master

Alguien tiene sed?

someone is thirsty

"You wan't me to continue Son?"
                           "Mmmm ggrgg"
"That sounds like a yes to me!"

The safest and most suitable form of penance seems to be that which causes pain in the flesh but does not penetrate to the bones, that is, which causes suffering but not sickness. - Ignatius of Loyola

A slap in the face is more effective than 10 lectures. It makes you understand very quickly. - Leopold von Sacher-Masoch

I check them out and hope they see me, so they’ll push me down and rape me!

As a faggot, it always feels good when a real alpha male degrades and beats you before he rapes you!

Absolutely. In a totally consensual Non-consenting forceful brutal rough bang my brains out kinda way.😉😈😈

Fuck yes I'd do anything to actually get raped by a random man/men of any age or race but it be a real dream to come true to have a high school Jock run up on me while I'm taking a piss at a urinal and start beating me up making me fall to the ground and piss all over myself before he Yanks me up by my hair and shoves my head in a urinal that's filled with piss that's days old forcing me to drink as much of it as I can or drown in it. as I'm gulping the rank piss  he pulls my shorts off and throws them in a toilet then proceeds to rip my boxers to shreds the second my cunt is exposed he pulls out his dry raw 10'in cock and brutally Rams it balls deep into my pussy laughing while telling me I better be grateful he decided to rape my faggot ass and that I was born a worthless object that's sole purpose of living is to get used by real men as I scream in pain and pleasure. I try thanking him for allowing me to be raped like the bitch I am but he grabs my tore up piss soaked boxers and shoves them in my throat so I can't make a noise while he spends the next 30 minutes breeding me until he shoots his huge load deep in my pussy whispering in my ear that he's gonna knock me up with another faggot for him to use. When he pulls out he takes my gag out and slaps my face as I'm made to clean his dick off then he put his dick back in my cunt and start pissing in me after a second he takes it back out and marks me with the last of his piss making sure to soak my hair and shirt before he's done. He puts his cock back in his pants and spits in my face then goes to walk out the door as a black guy comes in and he tells him he's just in  time to use the public faggot.

Alpha men friends or strangers should come together to publicly humiliate and degrade any faggot they see

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